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Youth Work Basics –  Orientation For Working with Youth  [8 hours]

Many people begin youth work without the educational background or tools they need to do this important work. It is essential that staff have an understanding of positive youth development as well as the important tools to implement those strategies. This training will give adults the basic know-how and tools needed to support their work with youth.

The training introduces basis concepts, attitudes and competences. Since youth work is a profession, it is vitally important that those who work with our youth have basic knowledge and capacities. This course provides an overview as well as a refresher for those who work with young people.

There is time for self assessment in areas such as conflict management, listening and vision as well as the latest facts in the field of youth development.


  • Adolescent Development and Youth Culture
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Youth – Adult Partnership
  • Communication Skills and Reframing Conflict
  • Depression & Suicide in Teens
  • Ethics & Boundaries
  • Trauma- Informed Care
  • Personal Vision and Frameworks

Training for Trainers [6 hours]

This 6 hour training will present basic strategies that make a great trainer. New and experienced trainers can benefit from this workshop. Learn More...


Introduction to Positive Youth Development [4 hours]

This dynamic 4-hour training is based on the 5 Principles for Positive Youth Development created by the Nashville Youth Coalition.  Learn More…



Introduction to Positive Youth Development – Train the Trainers [6 hours]

This 8 hour training will certify participants to offer the training: Introduction to Positive Youth Development. Learn More…


Advancing Youth Development: A Curriculum for Training Youth Workers [2 Days]

Youth workers learn from the best thinking in the youth development field, share promising approaches, and discuss the values and principles which guide the youth worker. Learn More…

Individual Temperament and Multiple Intelligence  [4 hours]

Learn your individual temperaments and how they affect the way you work with others as well as those you teach.  Discover your multiple intelligences and how to adapt teaching methods to include them.

Youth Engagement  [4 hours]

This 4-hour training is based on the High Scope Series. Highly interactive and full of practical ideas, this training is one of the most popular among youth workers. Learn More…


Youth Interaction and Games [4 hours]

This 4-hour training is based on the High Scope Series.  This training is based on the belief that youth need to feel safe among their peers as well as experience a sense of belonging. Learn More…


Structure and Clear Limits and Reframing Conflict [4 hours]

This 4-hour training addresses the need for youth to feel safe and addresses conflict resolution. Learn More…