Youth work is a profession.

The definition of a profession is a type of work that needs special training and skills… (Cambridge Dictionary). However there are many who enter this field without the necessary training.

With my experience coupled with my masters in education and social work, I am committed to increasing the professionalism of youth work. I do this with:

  • Trainings that teach skills and competencies as well as the attitudes needed in order to be a positive role model and support in the lives of our young people.
  • Trainings in program quality as well as how to become a qualified program assessor.
  • Consultation and coaching to those who wish to improve their own training skills.
  • Train the Trainers workshops.
  • Creation and design of trainings for youth.
  • Introduction for those new to youth work (Youth Work Basics).

Heard from participants:

This interaction was a great way to communicate the information. Louisa Avery is perfect. She makes the training interesting and time not feel like a challenge.”

“Louisa kept us engaged with interactive segments. The information was very useful for my program.”

“A lot of new information on quality. Allows me to set the bar high and help my organization and keep them there.”

“Training was great. Facilitator was engaging and excited about presentation.”

She did a good job keeping the class moving. There was a good mix of lecture and hands-on application.”

“Fun, informative, and maintained my attention.”