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Introduction to Positive Youth Development

This dynamic 4-hour training is based on the 5 Principles for Positive Youth Development created by the Nashville Youth Coalition.

1) Promote a Sense of Physical, Social and Emotional Safety.  Staff must feel as though they are safe emotionally and physically.  They also must feel they are valued and accepted by their supervisor.

2) Encourage Relationship Building.  Staff need supportive long-term relationships to perform well on the job.  They need guidance, emotional and practical support from their supervisors.

3) Foster Meaningful Youth Participation.  Staff must have an active role, voice and choice in shaping their experiences.  They must have the opportunity to practice and develop leadership skills, and they must know their contributions are valuable.

4) Provide Opportunities for Building Purpose.  Staff must work purposefully and contribute in meaningful ways.  Creating opportunities for staff to become involved in the organization and community is a powerful way to foster a sense of purpose and develop positive values.

5) Engage Staff in Learning Experiences that Build Valuable Life Skills.  Staff need opportunities for experiential learning that will help them build skills needed to succeed in their work.

Participants engage in activities that promote knowledge of and commitment to these principles.

This training was created by Louisa Avery and Susan Ragsdale.